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University of Bristol graduate Eve spends her days writing about TV and film, music, and practically every reality TV show under the sun. Since Michael Portillo retired from politics inthe former Conservative MP has taken up a more leisurely career path. It has since spawned plenty of spinoffs, where Michael travels across different countries using old railway guides. And this year, Michael is heading eastwards.

As Michael ventures off alone, many fans of the show have wondered about whether the presenter is married. Photo by Dave M. The year-old presenter and former politician has been married to Carolyn Eadie since They wed on February 12th. As Michael went to Harrow County grammar school which was solely for boysit is assumed that they met at another school as children.

They have been spotted together at the funeral of Margaret Thatcher and attending events together. This is largely in part to an operation Carolyn had after battling breast cancer two years after their wedding. What's On? Who pays for the repairs on The Repair Shop? Does it come out of your own pocket? Does series 2 use the same filming location? Bake Off judge stars in emotional Channel 4 documentary! What happened to Levon Brooks?

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The Innocence Files on Netflix explores Mississippi murder case. Popular Tags:. See All. Meet multi-millionaires from Redcar!

Channel 4BBCNetflixchannel 5race across the world.Very little is known about Thatcher Grey's history. At some point, he met and fell in love with Ellis Grey. After their wedding, they had Meredith Grey. When Meredith was five, Ellis left Thatcher.

He did not try to contact Meredith during the time of their year estrangement. However, he remarried and when they ended up back at Seattle Grace Hospital when Molly was pregnant, Susan, Thatcher's new wife, encouraged them to bond. After the realization that she didn't want to make confessional tapes on her deathbed, Meredith looked up her father's address and went to visit him. She asked him why he didn't try harder to stay with her mother and why he just left.

Thatcher later came to the hospital with his new wife, Susan, and their younger daughter, Molly, when Molly was pregnant.

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During his visit, Meredith avoided him, not wanting to see him. When Laura was four days old, Thatcher was sent to check on Laura because Susan and Molly both had the flu and couldn't. While he was sitting with her, her stomach became distended and he had to give authorization so they could take her into emergency surgery.

Thatcher was at the hospital with Laura while she recovered from her surgery, visiting her and updating her mother and grandmother on her condition. When Ellis died, Susan and Thatcher came to the hospital to check on Meredith, to make sure she was okay.

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Susan also invited Meredith to dinner. Derek convinced her to move the dinner to her own house and said he'd be there to support her. Cristina also volunteered to interrupt 45 minutes in with a fake crisis in case she needed to bail.

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When the power went out during dinner, Thatcher left to go flip the fuse, but stayed in the laundry room, needing a break from the dinner. He and Derek chatted about Meredith. Eventually, Thatcher restored the power and rejoined the dinner. Thatcher came to the hospital with Susan when she had prolonged acid reflux and persistent hiccups. While Susan was in for a procedure that they hoped would stop the reflux, Meredith and Thatcher talked and bonded. They even speculated that Susan was faking the hiccups in order to get them to talk.

Thatcher later took Susan home after her procedure. Thatcher came back to the hospital when Susan had a fever.Going to have to reboot. Dwight: What do you think? Jim: In school, we learned about this scientist who trained dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell by feeding them whenever a bell rang. Jim: [Windows reboot sound] Dwight, want an Altoid? Dwight: Okay.

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Jim: [Windows reboot sound] Altoid? Dwight: Sure. Jim: [Windows reboot sound] Mint Dwight? Dwight: Inbwit? Dwight: [Windows reboot sound] [Dwight holds out his hand, sighs] Jim: What are you doing? Dwight: I… Jim: What? My mouth tastes so bad all of a sudden. Michael: Always the bridesmaids, right ladies? Photographer: Okay, for this next one everyone hop out. Just Phyllis and Dad. And the sisters.

And you, and you, and you. Michael: Phyllis is getting married. And I am in the wedding party. So, basically, I am co-giving away the bride. Employer of the bride. Phyllis: Yes, I put Michael in my wedding. It was the only way I could think to get six weeks off for my honeymoon. No one else has ever gotten six weeks before.

michael thatcher wedding

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michael thatcher wedding

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michael thatcher wedding

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Margaret Thatcher's American football star grandson Michael takes on the world of US politics

Wedding Location. Wedding Date. Confirm Password.She has found new love with tycoon James Beckett, who she started dating quietly soon after the split was formalised. They were introduced by friends in Diane's home city of Dallas, Texas, where she moved to from South Africa following the breakdown of her year marriage to Baroness Thatcher's son. The new couple share a devout Christian faith, with year-old Mr Beckett "finding God" 11 years ago following a heart attack.

I had a deepening awareness that this man was who he really said he was — and that he was worthy of my heart. We'd really only broached the marriage topic for the first time last weekend. Diane, 47, went on: "The thing I'm learning about Jim is that when he firmly makes up his mind about something, he doesn't let grass grow beneath his feet. He told me how much he loved me, why he loved me, and how he was convinced that the Lord had caused our lives to intersect.

Mr Beckett, who has three daughters from a previous marriage, is one of the world's leading authorities on sports memorabilia cards, which are licensed by American teams and can command five-figure prices at auctions.

michael thatcher wedding

The former university statistics professor turned what started as a hobby into a publishing empire, Beckett Media, issuing price guides considered essential by collectors.

He sold the company in and started a charitable foundation that sets up networking seminars between church and business leaders. He has said he found God at 47, after his coronary, adding: "I define my life as before and after the heart attack.

A person in my situation is either going to run to the Saviour or away from him. Despite his own considerable success, he is known — in sharp contrast to Diane's ex-husband — for what colleagues call his "remarkable lack of ego".

Diane's first marriage was a high-profile event orchestrated by Sir Mark at London's Savoy Chapel in While there, Sir Mark was implicated in a coup bid in Equatorial Guinea and pleaded guilty.

The conviction means he cannot enter the US and so can see his children only when they travel abroad. Son Michael is now a star of his high-school American football team and last month helped them reach the state finals with a spectacular diving catch in front of 10, spectators. Diane says she and Mr Beckett plan a "quiet family ceremony".

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And she has informed her former husband of her engagement. She has also told her former mother-in-law. Argos AO. Scroll down for more. Share or comment on this article:.By Jill Reilly. His birth was famously announced when the Prime Minster proudly stood on the steps of 10 Downing Street holding him in her arms and declared 'We have become a grandmother. And with politics running in the family blood, Michael Thatcher, 24, once hailed a rising American football star, now looks set to follow his grandmother's career path.

The news of Baroness Thatcher's death this week is said to have been devastating for Michael and his sister Amanda, Although they now live in America following the divorce of their father Sir Mark Thatcher and his first wife Diane Beckett, a source told the Telegraph they had seen their grandmother recently.

They are now preparing to fly over to London for her funeral on Wednesday with their mother. Michael was last publicly photographed with his grandmother as he looked at her with concern etched on his young face as she wept outside the memorial service of her late husband, Sir Denis Thatcher. T wo years later Lady Thatcher's first and only grandson arrived, following by his sister - the pair are her only grandchildren.

Direction: With politics running in the family blood, Michael Thatcher, 24, once hailed as a rising American football star, now looks set to follow his grandmother's career path. The family moved to South Africa, but that is where their life fell apart and the couple split up. The conviction means that Sir Mark can not enter the U.

Diane Beckett moved the children back to her native America after the marriage of 20 years ended.

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She went on to marry James Beckett, a multi-millionaire sports publisher a year after divorcing the former Prime Minster's son. In the post she said 'Michael Thatcher has always been so discreet, and prudent about his relationship with Lady Thatcher.

She said that both Michael and his sister made sure they did not use her name 'with arrogance and pride. Ms Boyne added: 'Amanda Margaret Thatcher, a college girl, is an extraordinary woman of faith with a melodious voice and a kind heart and as my son Samuel says, she bakes good chocolate lava cakes. Amanda is said to be an excellent runner, and most closely resembles her father, enjoys baking and horse-riding and singing. Ms Boyne noted the pair had 'been successful in their studies, sports and personal goals.

She may have been particularly referring to Micheal's success as an American football player. Michael started playing the sport when he moved to Dallas in and in he helped his high school American football team into the Texas state finals.

Aged 18, he took a brilliant diving catch from a looping yard pass in front of 10, fans last week. The dramatic moment was broadcast live on TV and one excited commentator exclaimed: 'Wow! Can the guy run, can he catch, can he do everything? He admitted to being in 'a state of shock' about his catch. Randy Allen, coach of the Scots, the Highland Park high school team in Dallas, praised the teenager's 'hard work, dedication and discipline'.

Special relationship: Lady Thatcher is comforted by her grandson Michael Thatcher outside the memorial service of her late husband, Sir Denis Thatcher. Mr Allen said: 'He could be one of the best running backs in the state.Sir Mark has been pretty absent from their lives since he was banned from entering the US because of his conviction for the attempted coup.

He now lives in Spain with his second wife, Sarah Jane. Miraculous pairing of words and music. Margaret Thatcher's letter to nine-year-old boy. Mark Thatcher and Diane Burgdorf met in Texas in She was seven years younger than him, had worked as an estate agent and was the daughter of a millionaire car dealer.

He had given up his unsuccessful and accident-prone attempts to be a professional racing driver and was working as the Dallas representative of Lotus cars. Becoming another Mrs Thatcher catapulted Diane uneasily into the public eye. Her mother-in-law had invited so many guests that some of the Burgdorfs had to stand outside.

Mark continued thereafter with his love-hate relationship with his famous surname. Yet he used the name to build a business career and a multi-million pound fortune that funded a lavish lifestyle with nannies and butlers in London, Dallas, Switzerland and South Africa.

The bedrock of the life of Diane and her children is their belief in God. That was something that excluded Mark Thatcher, at best only an occasional churchgoer. Diane Beckett she married again in and took the surname of her new husband, publishing millionaire James Beckett is usually described as an Evangelical Christian. The same is applied to her children.

It is not about belonging to a denomination. It is about realising that we need a saviour because we are sinners. That informs how you are and everything you do. We are both strongly pro-life and hold that abortion is not an option. Her faith is something that has given her the courage to be the best mother she can be. What you saw at the funeral was that same faith.

Amanda made an impact because she read with conviction. She knows God, and that is because she has a mother who loves the Lord. Such behaviour might make anyone fall to their knees and pray for deliverance, but those who know Diane stress that her faith long predates her first meeting with the son of the prime minister. Both are rich, and the Bible teaches that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.

Diane Beckett has tried to square that circle. She went to great lengths to keep her children in touch with their grandmother without plunging them into the spotlight. Perhaps she fears that they might follow in the footsteps of their father.